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are going to be peaking their interest. it could also impact their decision. >> and obama is still trying to mend fences with a lot try to reach out to businesses. what is your assessment of that? >> and it was jfk " oriented. and what you can do what your country, and if it is business? and you feel free to go out and spend. i agree. the economy is okay. it is not perfect but it is still free to go ahead and spend. and i got your back. and i can agree with what he says, to take an extra step. with that said, it is difficult getting a loan and a small business. >> you think with the terms of with those market doing financially leading the pack? >> and perhaps what the bank is doing. that means the entire economy is embarking. and it is as if it is a game of poker. with the financials leading. >> rob black will be back with more financial information a leader. we have much more news ahead after the break. leader. - >>this just in to the kron 4 news room chechen rebels are to blame for the recent violence in moscow. when ordering the attack in russian investigators say that this was a 20 y
ahead. i am confident that the people of egypt will find answers. >> that is president barack obama. he talked about a peaceful transition to what ever is next. today i quarter million protesters filled the streets of cairo. they were talking about the president. he is refusing to step down and a recorded message relief he promised only that he will not run again in the elections set for september. >> he is not intent on setting for the next elections because i have spent enough time and served in egypt. they watched as a dress on a giant screens in liberation square. they wanted him to leave immediately. >> go! go! go! but the protests marked up perilous of the city center. people abandon their cars. what they found >> come from this------ checking new arrivals for weapons. >> that they are very worried that they have been sent here to cause trouble. egypt's military has expressed support. as long as they remain peaceful. nevertheless the obama administration has told all non-essential diplomatic personnel to leave the country. cairo's airport remains crowded with tourists trying to le
resignation. some in breeze the soldiers will surround them. president barack obama is promising american support and praise the egyptian not only for a change in the country but changing the world. >> and feeling freedom as the horse. >> the birth of a new be brought in egypt. >> there few moments of our lives. where we have the privilege to witness history taking place. this is one of those moments. >> the loss glimpse they had of the president, an appearance on tv a day and a half earlier when he appeared to defy their demand that he resign. as their anchor in frustration and threaten to turn to violence. vice-president, stepped up to the microphone. >> president mubarak has decided to step down. >> a largely peaceful and that began with violence in 1981. mubarak was an air force general serving as vice president when renegade soldiers assassinated his predecessor at a military parade. as president mubarak survived a least a half- dozen assassination attempts. largely on contested elections he was confirmed in office four times. according to some documents the u.s. assumed he would rem
uncertainty big and small. >> congressmen beihner, wants to cut spending by least $32 billion. president obama is going to release his budget proposal in one week. also with spending cuts to reduce the nation's deficit. >> a look at the golden gate bridge traffic is backing up on the left that is coming into san francisco. the right = north. we will be right back after this break. >> the verizon iphone one on sale today. ending the at&t exclusivity. online is expected at 7:00 a.m. on the iphone on the sale. however, just a handful of people were in line. a couple of reasons. first, existing customers ordered federal third online. that day pre- order, they sold more phone than they ever had before and one day. in their history. a record breaker. many people ordered on that day. and previous i-phone launch dates this was available at a lot of stores at the same time. best buy, wal-mart, apple, and verizon stores. also, people were able to order this on the last two days on line. people ordered to have this online quarter instead of waiting in lines. perhaps people of whitake-- >> and i have been
. >> after touring a science class and baltimore, md. president barack obama laid off the budget for next year. 1.3 looming he wants to spend more money on education and transportation and research and development. the 1.3 trillion dollars budget. and with cuts towards benefiting low-income americans. >> even as we cut budgets, this is still going to be a difficult budget. cutting things and i care much about and if we're going to walk the walk? this discipline and cuts are going to be necessary. >> difficult and also tricky is defense spending a 5% cut. with the drawdown of u.s. forces in iraq, the recent debate over the defense budget is becoming a strategical reality. in other words, from the real world. >> copies of the proposed budget for the letter to congressional offices monday morning. with counter demands from republicans for deeper spending cuts. >> this ignores the problems and thus more spending, more taxing, and more borrowing. at the end of the day if we cannot turn this around? fear is gone because of prosperity and cost us credibility, of this country. among hundreds of
the federal government should honor that. on wednesday, obama ordered the stock of recognition of the constitutionality of a man and woman. it was immediately supported by gay communities. >>pam: this was on its final flight today. and to the international space station. they will be in the amounwere bidding for 11 days. and with computer issues. they are retiring the entire subtlshuttle fleet this year. we will be back, with more after this break. >>jacqueline: we can see the cloudy skies. and no snow just yet. however, just rain at the celebration not quite cold enough of we watching that camera. just- precipitation in the form of rainfall. and those white areas are snow to the el diablo range. going into the overnight hours. air well offshore. organizing to the north of cold air to canada. temperatures are going to drop in the intensity of the precipitation will increase as we go into overnight. winter weather advisory for the entire north bay. then also to the santa cruz mountains, a double and mt. diablo range because the snow levels are going to be dropping. the air will
in washington the republican controlled house voted to strip federal money from president barack obama health-care overhaul. it does say the health-care lot is washington overstepping its power. -- law--the house also voted to block federal aid for planned parenthood. before that vote was fine of the debate got personal. kron 4 catherine it explains it. >>catherine: it was really a personal, people got very quiet in surprised by this. during house debate yesterday when california democrat revealed she of last a child and a procedure called dilation and evacuation. republican congresswoman had attacked that procedure while arguing against planned parenthood decision to do abortions. here's our she responded to that. >> i didn't plan to >> about this, the gentleman from new jersey has just but my stomach knots. i'm one of those women he spoke about just now. i had a procedure at 17, pregnant with a child and had moved from the vagina into the cervix and that procedure that you just talked about was the procedure i and george.in georgi lost a baby. --endured. for you to stand on this floor and s
in libya has now claimed more than 1000 lives. president barack obama called the violence outrageous and unacceptable. the libyan leader is remaining defiant as more of his country flips from his control . >>z journalists banned from the capital the only images of the on rest are amateur videos posted on the internet. this reportedly shows the office of gadhafi's revolutionary party in flames. in another protesters attack and that a giant poster of the leader. one eyewitness say gangs by the government are roaming for the streets looking for protesters. >> i'm afraid of what's happening. the regime is doing everything they can and they're very desperate. they're fighting with every last breath. >>pam: despite the efforts the rebels are moving closer. these pictures are from the ford city just one notch and 20 mi. from the middle city. it's the first town in the western half to fall into the rebel hands. were the uprising started, to air force pilots parachuted from their bomber rather than follow orders to attack the city. the towns of durabath and holbrook have also shaken off gover
, no reports of widespread violence. in washington president barack obama kept up the pressure off on the president. >> the only thing that will work is moving a quarterly transition process that begins right now. >> i get me show you the live picture from liberation square in cairo where all of these demonstrations have been centered is just after 2:00 a.m. in the morning there is relatively quiet even under the darkness there are hundreds of thousands of people still in that area the area that has been the scene of these peaceful protest. compared to two days ago when there was violence and still the anti president protesters are holding fast. stay with kron 4 and www.kron4.com for continuing coverage on the uprising and egypt. we'll be right back after the break. the arlington fire department says 64 take a hospital today, to its most serious injuries were listed in stable condition none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. a concession 10 was also damage because the weather you could see how the weather is causing problems for drivers this is out in front of cowboys
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9

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